Aquatic Resolutions began as a dissertation project for the Centre for Research Architecture at the University of London, Goldsmiths and remains an ongoing area of research into what we can learn from peat-forming wetlands, materially and conceptually.

H. Leigh Brown (they/them) is a designer-researcher, born in the San Francisco Bay Area and raised by New York City. Brown has an interdisciplinary background bridging design, ecology, and politics. Their fascinations boil down to natureculture—especially waste and toxicity, leaky natural archives and the embodied persistence of matter—as well as alternative, submerged economies and worlds based in cooperation and care.
Aquatic Resolutions
West Mims
2022 • About | Notes
Special Thanks:

Centre for Research Architecture / Forensic Architecture
Susan Schuppli, Lorenzo Pezzani, Lodovica Guarnieri, Ifor Duncan, Margarida Mendes, Santiago Rivas, Olukoye Akinkugbe

Roxane Andersen, Rini Yuni Astuti, Jennifer Gabrys, Miriam Jones, Dylan Kelly, Cindy Lin, Chris Lowie, Charles McMillan, Jonathan Nichols, Clarice Perryman, Dorothy Peteet, Danielle Purifoy, Andy Robertson, Bob Sherrier, Lauren Thompson, Claire Treat, Hongjun Wang, Sophie Wilkinson, Jane Winkler